About Us

Blue Flame Associates Limited was incorporated by Andy Durber and Nick Evans in January 1999.

In 1998 both Andy and Nick were involved in the development of the Nationally Accredited Certification scheme for Gas Operatives (ACS). They worked independently for many of the emerging Certification Bodies developing examinations and designing gas centres. In 1998 they realized that there was an opportunity to design their own centre and operate it in a professional manner that would be appreciated by the gas industry. They took this opportunity to form their own training company whilst still operating as a training and assessment consultant. Blue Flame Associates was officially opened in Newcastle Staffordshire in January 2000.

Influenced by their experience it was decided that the company should be user friendly for the self employed operative while carrying the infrastructure to meet the demands and requirements of the major corporate operations. In recruiting the training staff the emphasis was therefore placed on finding individuals of high quality who could adapt to a flexible approach to training. This approach has proved successful with engineers returning to the centre time after time for further training.

As part of the ongoing service, the training centre offers a technical back-up for their customers, who can phone for help & advice. This has proved popular with customers, it also highlighted the high level of expertise available to Blue Flame through their highly motivated and knowledgeable staff.

The Consultancy side of the business has since capitalized on this knowledge and at present offer services such as Project Management, Quality Control Inspections, Audit work and Stock Condition Surveys and providing fully comprehensive reports and supported by a £10,000,000 professional indemnity insurance cover. Blue Flame Associates is now the recognized auditor for several Housing Associations and Local Authorities to mention but a few. For more details of our consultancy services see the appropriate section of the web site.