Contract Management

Experienced gas contract managers are at a premium.  Many contract managers in place to day are by nature administrators or have limited gas experience.  An increasing number of local Authorities or Housing Associations are considering outsourcing the management of their Gas Safety Contracts.  People with the responsibility for maintenance contracts are finding that gas safety although a minor part of their responsibilities takes up a disproportionate amount of their time. 

Contract Managers’ act as the interface between the landlord and the contractor.  A partnering service can be provided whereby NICEIC Certification can take responsibility of the management of the gas contract freeing valuable resources elsewhere.  Contract management can be bespoke depending on particular requirements but can include:

• Monitor contractors operations
• Manage the property database
• Establish links between the client and contractor
• Monitor the implementation and compliance of the tender
• Organise contractors access
• Attend contractors meetings
• Check remedial works
• Manage the issue of variation orders
• Authorise payments for works completed
• Carry out quality control checks
• Attend management review meetings
• Audit all third party work

• Assess and carry out any training requirements

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